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Potens Marketing develops cutting-edge advertising tactics that generate revenue as soon as we select “Launch Campaign.”

Digital Advertising Services That Work Well For Your Company

We develop a customised plan for each of our clients using a tried-and-true method. We ensure that every campaign we create makes use of our knowledge of the many facets and formats of digital advertising. We pledge to give your digital advertising campaigns the same thought and attention that we give our own.

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Social Media Ads

Your audience reach can be increased with the use of social media advertising. Globally, there were 3.48 billion social media users in 2019 and that figure is still growing. It makes perfect sense for you to leverage social media as a platform for your advertisements given that quantity of users. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are the most effective platforms to use, but ultimately, it all depends on the type of business you run. We will choose the best social media channel for you to use and put a plan in place so you can connect with your target market.


Display Advertisements

There are various ad formats available for display advertising. Display ads are any Google ads that are mostly focused on images. Thus, this group includes banners, pop-ups, flash, and video advertisements. Google’s advertising platforms include display adverts, which allow you to retarget your audience on the internet.



Pay-per-click advertisements can be a useful tool for increasing website or landing page visitors. Because you are only paying for people who have clicked on your advertisement to express interest in it, it is incredibly cost-effective. For you, we will craft persuasive and successful PPC ad copy.


Search Engine Marketing

Ads known as search engine marketing (SEM) appear on search engine result sites like Google’s and Bing’s. These work well since they seem to appeal to those who are already considering what you have to offer. Strategic keyword research is essential for marketing launches that are successful. Search advertising allows for the usage of two different kinds of ad campaigns. Pay-per-click (PPC) refers to the first kind, and cost-per-thousand (CPM) refers to the second. Whichever option will work best for your campaign, we’ll let you know.


Native Ads

Native adverts are an additional helpful type of web advertising. These show up on websites and blogs as sponsored advertisements. The fact that they seem like recommendations makes them potentially useful. You will receive a lot of traffic from the ad if users trust the website where it appears.



The only kind of advertising that is entirely feasible with digital ads is retargeting, often known as remarketing. These advertisements’ main concept is to retarget people who have already visited your website or engaged in some other way with your business. They are more inclined to buy today as they have already expressed interest. We can demonstrate how to use these advertisements effectively, since they have shown to be very successful in generating conversions.


Video Ads

The future of content for any business’s marketing plan is video. These days, a growing number of people are interacting with video content. We can now assist you in producing video advertisements that will raise sales, improve lead generation, raise engagement, and expand brand exposure!

Why Do You Need Digital Advertising Services ?

You can reach a wider audience and focus on the clients who are most likely to buy your products or services with the help of digital advertising services.

The practice of advertising is not new. In one form or another, advertising has been around since the beginning of human history. Advertising changed with the advancement of technology. As printing became widespread, advertisements began to be printed on it. Subsequently, radio emerged as a viable medium for promoting goods and services.

The introduction of television changed the landscape of advertising. Commercials on television have grown to be a major medium for companies to promote themselves.

However, digital advertising was made possible by the development of computer technology and the internet, which eclipsed all of that. This had a significant impact on the distribution and evaluation of adverts.

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Why Choose Potens Marketing for Your Needs in Digital Advertising?

Years of Experience

We can demonstrate our abilities using our experience and the outcomes of our digital advertising services. Many of the clients we have worked with are happy with the outcomes. See proof of this by looking through the case studies on our website!

We Give Our Clients Our Whole Attention

Although it may seem obvious, a lot of digital marketing companies disregard their clients’ needs. That is not what we do. Before beginning a project, Potens Marketing makes sure to fully grasp your needs, and the only way we can achieve so is by listening to you.


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Top Questions We Get About Website Design

Do you offer ongoing marketing contracts or relationships?

We offer both options. It all depends on how far your business stands from it’s current goals.  We prefer monthly contracts for established businesses and long term contracts for new or struggling businesses so that we can put our effort to nurture over the long term. 

We specialize in website development, SEO, Digital Ads, Social Media content, Email Marketing, Production & other marketing activities. Call us today to discuss further! 

We’re developing our portfolio page right now. You can see some of our work by reaching out to us via call and email, we can send it through to your preferred contact method. 

We set our mutually agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in the initial stages of our work. We aim to meet those targets or beyond every month.

Not Convinced? Listen From Others.

hamza Jalil
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“I recently had the pleasure of engaging with Potens Marketing for a variety of services, and I am absolutely blown away by the results they've delivered. As someone who values efficiency, professionalism, and tangible outcomes, I couldn't be more thrilled with the experience. The team is really good at building websites, doing SEO and managing social media channels.”
umer saleem
Read More
"Ahmed and his team exhibit exceptional proficiency in their work. I engaged their services for website development and email marketing, and their performance was exemplary. I have no complaints whatsoever; I highly recommend their services, rating them 10/10."
tom legzdins
Read More
"Working with Ahmed and Potens Marketing was amazing! They built me an amazing new website, we're informed about my industry, and had great customer service. Will be using them again!"
Bilal Khanani
Read More
"Really good experience working with Potens Marketing for full scale marketing of my company. They are very knowledgeable in real estate marketing."
Fatima Rogaria
Read More
"I had a great experience with this company and the workers. I needed help with a website development for a project I was working on, and they were able to help me quickly and efficiently. They provided and assisted me through feedback. The website they actually help me develop was a hit for my company! Thank you!!"
Peter Naayem
Read More
"I got recommended to Potens by a family member and have been working with them on a consulting basis. Ahmed and his team are knowledgeable and provided a lot of value for my business. They understood my social media needs and provided a clear execution plan for me. Highly recommend!"
Zoha Rahman
Read More
"We're extremely satisfied with the social media marketing services provided by Potens Marketing. Their team is highly skilled and has a deep understanding of the social media landscape. They have helped us increase our brand awareness and engagement on social media platforms. We appreciate their creativity and strategic approach to social media marketing."
Michel Christopher Saba
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"This is my second time working with them and they are very consistent with their quality of work. For both my companies that Potens helped us with, their on-boarding process was comprehensive, they set clear expectations, and have met all their timelines as stated. I definitely trust them with our marketing and expect us to grow with them on a long term basis."
Based on 36 reviews
Sheri Rothwell
Sheri Rothwell
Ahmed was so patient and knowledgeable. He was able to walk me through the website and had some good ideas to help. It was a great experience. Would definitely recommend.
Ijaz Khalfan
Ijaz Khalfan
I've had the pleasure of working with Potens and their team, and I must say, their expertise in digital marketing is truly impressive! Their comprehensive approach to online marketing, from website development to social media management, has helped me take my business to the next level. Their website development skills are top-notch, creating a seamless and user-friendly experience that has significantly improved my online presence. But what really sets them apart is their ability to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and best practices, ensuring that my marketing strategy remains effective and competitive. Their knowledge of search engine optimization, paid advertising, and content marketing is exceptional, and their ability to analyze and interpret data to inform marketing decisions is invaluable. I highly recommend Potents to anyone looking to elevate their digital marketing game. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to delivering results make them a valuable asset to any business.
Sameer Mahmood
Sameer Mahmood
Great experience with Potens, the team was very knowledgeable in the digital space and addressed all my queries with expertise and enthusiasm. Would highly recommend!
I have worked with Ahmed and the team at Potens and have been impressed with their expertise in marketing in the HVAC industry. They have improved our online presence and communicate well throughout the process. I would highly recommend!
Umair Malik
Umair Malik
Had an exceptional experience with Potens. When I required support with website development for my firm, they responded promptly and delivered with efficiency. Their guidance and input were invaluable throughout the process. Highly recommended!
iCare Naturals
iCare Naturals
Excellent e-commerce solutions. We've been growing our sales year over year. We definitely recommend working with the Potens Marketing team!
Linda Boragina
Linda Boragina
They are very accommodating to your needs. They take criticism well and work until they make you happy!
Fatima Rogaria
Fatima Rogaria
I had a great experience with this company and the workers. I needed help with a website development for a project I was working on, and they were able to help me quickly and efficiently. They provided and assisted me through feedback. The website they actually help me develop was a hit for my company! Thank you!!
Deema Mattar
Deema Mattar
Had a great experience working with Potens! They go the extra mile on all projects

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