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Xavier Brandares


We’re a dynamic and innovative digital marketing company that believes in the power of process-driven marketing. Marketing as a service is provided by way too many companies today. Like most industries, it also has a ton of content to easily apply to your business by learning it on YouTube. 

We, however, are providing more than just marketing services for the sake of helping individuals or businesses fulfill their entrepreneurial goals. Our goal is to genuinely build a legacy for ourselves using Potens Marketing as a vessel. That’s the only way we look to build a relationship with our Clients and not transactions.

We strive to create meaningful connections between brands and their audiences, using cutting-edge strategies and technologies to drive growth and success.

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Our Mission

At Potens Marketing, we focus on what truly matters: simple and straightforward marketing that drives real growth for our clients. Through years of experience and trial and error, we only provide genuine solutions that meet your business’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Our Culture

At Potens Marketing we’re fast-paced, aggressively growing to become a creative powerhouse without all the fluff. As marketers, we thrive in the ever-evolving landscape, dissecting trends, and experimenting with strategies to propel your business forward.

Just like scientists meticulously conducting experiments in a lab, our team collaborates with precision and expertise to decode the complexities of digital marketing. Our collective mission is clear: to uncover insights, analyze data, and craft strategies that propel your brand to new heights in the digital realm.

Our values are shaped and enriched by every single member of the Potens Marketing team.

Move With Urgency and Focus

Our clients entrust us with their money, businesses, and livelihoods. Millions of companies worldwide are open for business only if we are. It matters when we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down. We take that responsibility seriously.

Trust Your Team

Think of yourself running in a relay race. You must run like no tomorrow when you’re on the spot and carefully hand over the baton to your teammate upfront. You entrust the next runner to do their best possible.

Be Transparent In Your Work

We expect our team to be transparent with us in their daily efforts. Keeping your work open enables us to commit honestly to our Clients on their deliverables.

Bias Towards Output

Whenever you do something, make sure to keep a record of it. This is important because we want to see you grow, and in the not-so-long future, you will likely hire someone to work under you. Having a track of your resources will be very helpful.

Communicate How You Would
Want To Be Communicated

Under-communication is a crime and, over-communication is rewarded. Operating remotely and in hybrid models is very different from knocking on your colleague's door or shoulder to ask something. Communicating through the assigned channels is critical for a successful operation.

Nothing But Excellence

Never be satisfied with an “okay” version of your work. We strive to be the best and need you to be the best in the world at what you do.

Want to be a part of the team? See open roles below:

Open Positions


Digital Strategist ($60-$65K)

Toronto, Ontario (Hybrid)

Digital Strategist ($60-$65K)

Toronto, Ontario (Hybrid)

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what our team thinks about us

“So far, I’ve really enjoyed working with Potens! To ensure that I can succeed in my work, they have an excellent training and development plan. The best part about my job here is that I could start contributing value straight away because of the small team and startup-like mentality.”

Sidd, Developer

“Working in a fast-paced company, it can get a bit tiring playing chase up with your day-to-day tasks. However, the learning you’re able to get for so many different industries and trends is so valuable. “

Xavier Brandares

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